U-Shaped Toothbrush for Portable 360° Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

U-Shaped Toothbrush for Portable 360° Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

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1. U-shaped braces: The U-shaped toothbrush conforms to the shape of a human mouth. Just gently press it in your mouth and press the power button to automatically brush your teeth. It uses food-grade soft silicone material that will not hurt your gums and care for your teeth.

2. Deep Cleaning: Powerful ultrasonic cleaning, deep cleaning, eliminates plaque and stains. Four gears are optional, powerful brushing, comfortable brushing, high-frequency massage, whitening teeth, to meet your different needs.

3. IPX7 waterproof function: The whole body is waterproof, and you can enjoy brushing easily and safely even in the shower. This toothbrush is designed for adults to help them develop healthy brushing habit

4. 360° all-round: Through technology, 360° brushing can clean the surface and inside of teeth. Angled bristles can achieve precise cleaning, waterproof, washable, and reusable, which can ensure healthy teeth.

5. Hands-free: The U-shaped single-mouth design of the automatic electric toothbrush allows you to free your hands when brushing your teeth and improve your life efficiency.



1. Working method: ultrasonic vibration
2. Material: Food grade silicone
3. Control method: push-button
4. Color: Black, Blue, White
5. Size: 60*25*110 mm(2.4*1.0*4.3 inch)
6. Weight: 260 g(0.6 lb)
7. Rated voltage: DC3.7V
8. Rated frequency conversion: 5000-15000
9. Rated current: 1500mAMax
10. Input voltage: DC5V