Punch-free toothbrush toothpaste rack

Punch-free toothbrush toothpaste rack

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1. Safety and hygiene: no need to use the power supply, no fault, the design of the toothbrush non-contact toothpaste nozzle, to prevent bacterial contamination.

2. Convenient installation: Wall mounting method does not need to drill holes in the wall. The special double-sided tape behind the product can be directly attached to the position to be installed.

3. Simple to use: One-touch push-button push button to squeeze out toothpaste, no need to squeeze toothpaste with both hands.

4. Saving economy: vacuum compression principle absorbs toothpaste, which can minimize the internal residue after the toothpaste is used up.

5. Decorative effect: Automatic toothpaste can manage the arrangement of toothbrush and toothpaste neatly and orderly, satisfying the neat and beautiful bathroom, and the neatness of matching the culture of the high-end bathroom highlights the new trend of bathroom culture.


1. Product Material: PP
2. Size: approx.11 * 7 *4cm
3. Package: 1* toothpaste